Liste des blogs d’entreprise (corporate blogs) en Belgique

Tom Kayser a commencé à faire une liste des blog business en Belgique:

Microsoft­ ­ IBM­ ­ LBI­ ­ Evadix­ ­ Pure FM­ ­ Brainsfeed­ ­ Culture MuseumReferences.beProesmans & Henry – A lawyer’s blog­ ­ Blog de Charles Bricman­ ­ Financial Blog sponsored by Delta Lloyd Life­ ­ M-arc­ ­ Belgablog­ ­ Amplexor (content management)­ House of marketing­ ­ Jean-Luc Raymond (independent consultant)­ ­ Verlee’s Blog (web designer)­ ­ Emakina (Inteactive Agency)­ These Days (marketing/communication blog)These Days (dev & research blog)­ ­ I-Merge (Internet Agency) (a Business Unit of OX2, a pan-European Interactive Agency based in Brussels capital of Europe)­ ­ LuonFishtank The Reference and Living Stone­ ­ Pleon Contact Office Nuance Communication Rolling TalksUn pas plus loin (advertising agency) Peter Van Dijck (consultant) Strategy & Go­ Easy Concept